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About Why We Watch

Text on black background reading, "Why did you go to the theater?" - B.F. Skinner, noted psychologist. "Well, [insert actor/writer/director] was involved." -Eddie Thomson, Why We Watch Creator

Why We Watch is a new media channel by and for cinephiles, comic fans, and everyone who has ever been asked, “Why are you watching that?” Or “Why do you find value in this?” 

Why We Watch was created to encourage discourse and community over the areas of storytelling in film, TV, comics, and video games. Our mission is to build conversations and encourage our readers to find their own voices in creating and critiquing media. We hope to use the media out in the world to inspire discussion and real, positive change. 

We explore both the craft of storytelling and the context that informs how and why a story is told. Business matters, social trends, political issues, and more all inform the creation of a piece of media, whether in a subtle or major way. By diving into an investigation of what we watch, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us.
Why we watch? Because it matters.

Postmodern Media and Postmodern Analysis

Postmodernism began in the mid-to-late 20th century as a movement across philosophy, media, art, architecture and criticism. It is defined by its skepticism and rejection of the ideologies associated with the modernity movement after World War I. Postmodern media often explores irony, eclecticism, and relativism, criticizing universalist ideas and instead examining how cultural and social context comes into play.

Essentially, every modern piece of media is based or built on something that came before, with some sort of twist. This means all future projects will also be a twist on an original in some way. By no means is this a bad thing; with only 36 potential dramatic situations, our understanding of each story gets richer with every new interpretation. Why We Watch is here to make sure that the twist is a good one and the story worth telling.

What We Support

  • Diverse Voices in Film, TV, and Comics - Representation matters, both in front of and behind the camera. We welcome differing opinions and respectful conversation, and we grow from having them.
  • Taking Risks in Storytelling - While we understand and admire the classic blockbuster formula, we lift up originality in creating media and call on Hollywood to do the same. If a franchise reboot has originality, we will celebrate it. If something is lazy, we will point that out too.
  • Corporate Responsibility in Media Production - This simply needs to be discussed more frequently. From pre-production to merchandising, we must keep an eye on economic, environmental, political, and social issues as part of the conversation.

What We Don't Support

  • Toxic Fandom Culture - We are not here for gatekeeping or controlling conversations around media. If you’re a fan, we want to hear your take. 
  • Unnecessary Negativity - We approach every review from a place of positivity and try to find the good wherever we can. It’s a worthwhile challenge, and it’s just more fun. 
  • The Marvel vs DC debate - Both have excellent stories worth watching! There’s no need to pick one side. Plus, there’s also more than “The Big Two.”

Meet Eddie Thomson, Founder of Why We Watch

Eddie describes himself as "a little bit analytical and a little bit creative.” That balance, informed by his academic studies in both film and business, helps him approach reviews and critiques from many angles. His MBA in Accounting especially informs his perspective of the film industry. In his writing, Eddie not only explores the creative aspects of storytelling but also the business decisions being made in the process. He is driven by a deep passion for the film industry and encourages others to share their own passions and opinions. 

Eddie began Why We Watch as a journal reviewing animated movies screened during Mary Boyer's “Survey of Animation” class at SUNY Alfred in 2010. When the semester ended, his writing continued. In 2019, Eddie turned this blog into a full site while studying “Entrepreneurship in Arts and Music” at SUNY New Paltz under Jana La Sorte, owner of Ambassadora. He began incorporating video production into the channel that same year.

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