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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Accounting From SUNY New Paltz | Guest Appearing on Areas of Interest: A College Podcast

Area of Interest Podcast
Update: All podcasts are also collected in a Spotify playlist here.

I'm getting back into writing and things, and I've been catching up on potential Oscar movies. Binging them is not recommended, since it's hard to do that and process the movies for review. Still, it's been a lot of fun. In the meantime, along with regular work, I'm still looking for podcasts to guest on through Reddit

Episode Description:
"Eddie has a long list of degrees ranging from Accounting to Cinema studies. He recently started a project called Why We Watch where he not only blogs, but makes fan-made trailers of films he enjoyed. Eddie faced some medical hardships during his academic journey, and shares with us how important it is to get involved with social clubs. We really appreciated talking with him, and going on a very long tangent about movies mid-way through the episode (sorry, not sorry)."

Since I'm still slow to get out of the house, outside of work, and visit people, normally and because of Omicron, these have been a fantastic way to reach out to people. We hope you enjoy the episode, and I hope you check out who else these guys have spoken to. 

You can listen here, and there are direct links to Spotify and Apple below.

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For people interested in working with Areas of Interest, see their website or reddit page.