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Thursday, September 7, 2023

Wood Train Bank Model - Blender 3D - Purchase on CGTrader

This site has never had any hard or fast rules (just run it through the wayback machine), so we're trying something new!

To try to get myself back into regular posting, I'm starting with something small, this little train bank that I think I made back in Cub or Boy Scouts. I'm sure it was really fun to build then, and it definitely was to model now.

I modeled it in Blender and because it's not fan-art, I'm going to try to sell it on CG Trader instead of putting it on Blend Swap for free like I usually do. Honestly, just to see what, if anything, can happen. It feels nice to try to push this site and myself a little bit to see how far along the work has come.

Poly Haven used for textures, and plugins used are Easeam by Orcavia and Hole Maker by Tiemen's Addons: 

You can pickup the train here if you'd like for $3 here:

Speaking of Blend Swap, the last thing I made before this train is these Pym Particle Discs from Ant-Man.

Pym Discs

Really proud of how well they came out, and really excited to try to turn them into earrings with the help of my old college's 3D printing program.